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Zodie Green-Harper

Zodie brings a wealth of expertise to the Real Estate Industry.  Her expertise in Real Estate began in the State of Georgia in 2005.  She then migrated to Gainesville in 2007 with her husband. Together, they have a daughter who was born at the Alachua General Hospital, a site now commemorated with the newly developed Innovation Square at UF.  Her combined years of practicing Real Estate in Gainesville and it's surrounding areas has allowed her to become well acquainted with the area as well as the market, an asset she prides herself in.  

Zodie is always seeking to expand her knowledge base to ensure a thorough understanding of the Real Estate Industry and has a dedicated passion to making sure all her customers are well informed.  She specializes in creating systems that educates both Buyers and Sellers.  For Home Buyers, her established approach is to help them understand the home buying process, which includes an initial meeting where she breaks down all costs associated such as estimating pre-closing cost as well as closing costs, so buyers know what to expect financially including the dos and don’ts when preparing to purchase a home.  For Sellers, Zodie has expanded her knowledge base through various Real Estate courses so that she can incorporate many financial planning tools when assisting a seller, preparing them for the expectations of buyers and how it affects their bottom line at closing.  She also provides a variety of marketing options to sellers which gives them the power to make a decision that will accommodate their expectations and return on investment.

Additionally, Zodie offers a variety of services to the general public and her customers which includes, Home Buyer Seminars, Partnership with different Government Programs to assist with buying and various beneficial tips to sellers who engage her with a listing agreement.  Her unique ability to think strategically is unmatched.  She has proven her abilities to educate while simultaneously leading customers towards next steps throughout the entire process.  She continues to build on her reputation for being a woman of her word as she always does what she says she will do, sometimes more just never less.  Her tireless work ethic and commitment to making sure a transaction is followed through until completion proves her reputability.

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